Black pipe nipple

The threaded joint refers to the pipe connector with thread, is the most common kind of pipe fittings in industry and life, the threaded joint makes the connection of the pipe more simple, disassembly and replacement is also easier, greatly saving the cost of pipe connection. Industrial thread joint is generally made of metal, high pressure resistance, materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, etc. Black pipe nipple is made of carbon steel pipe, and face is black, thread standard is ASTM  

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• Black & hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe used conforms to ASTM A53 • Welded steel pipe nipples conform to ASTM A733 • NPT threads on nipples conform to ASME B1.20.1 • Domestic pipe nipples available upon request • Face treatment: black hot dipped galvanized electric galvanized Feature introduction 1, the joint strength is high, good ductility, can give full play to the strength and ductility of the steel base material. The joint performance can meet the joint standard of JGJ107-2003 Class I and can break on the base metal. 2, convenient connection, fast, simple operation. 3. Convenient and intuitive detection. 4, steel processing straight thread can be prefabricated, sleeve can be factory production, does not account for the construction period, high processing efficiency. 5, the construction connection does not use electricity, gas, no open flame operation, no oil leakage and no pollution, can be all-weather construction. 6, strong applicability, in the narrow field of dense reinforcement arrangement can be flexible operation. 7, can be connected with horizontal, vertical, oblique HRB335, HRB400 class of the same diameter or reducing steel bar. 外丝

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